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Trailer mounted pressure washer range


Besides the comprehensive range of cold and hot water high pressure industrial washers, DiBO is a reputable supplier of a very wide range of mobile trailer-mounted hot water high pressure washers.
These high pressure cleaners are for both professional and industrial use, with an operating pressure of 200 to 1,000 bar. There are also numerous options and accessories available to make the cleaning job even easier.

With the most recent DiBO hot water pressure washer trailer you gain the benefits of the latest technological innovations; GreenBoilertrack & trace system and digital operation with joystick.

And it just gets easier, DiBO provides the JMB series as a trailerfitted unit or skid. Our R&D department enjoys joining with you in building a custom-made mobile high pressure cleaner as a trailer or in-built design.

You can buy our mobile pressure washer trailer, but they can also be rented! Find the high pressure cleaner that meets your needs! Contact us. Our professionals will be pleased to offer you just the assistance you need.


That’s why you need a DiBO high pressure trailer

• Latest technology, track & trace, digital operation
• Radial pump in each machine
• Environmentally friendly burner boilers with high performance
• Unprecedented power and performance in all working conditions
• Our experts guide you from A to Z
• Only durable materials (stainless steel, rotational moulded polyethylene)
• Personalised products fully in line with your wishes
• Simple and clear operation

DiBO JMB – High pressure washer trailer range

DiBO JMB-SS+ Hot water high pressure trailer

Compact trailer mounted pressure washer with all round performance and integrated track & trace system.


DiBO JMB-M/M+ Hot water high pressure cleaners

Trailer mounted pressure washer for heavy industrial cleaning use with an intergrated track & trace system.

Dibo jmb m/m+ trailer


DiBO JMB-C+ Hot water high pressure trailer

Industrial trailer mounted pressure washer for heavy cleaning use with an integrated track & trace system.


DiBO JMB-C+ WWC Hot water high pressure trailer

Industrial trailer mounted pressure washer for heavy cleaning use with Autonomous vacuum system.

Dibo jmb-C+ WWC Trailer mounted pressure washer