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High-pressure washer DiBO range stands out by their innovation. In 2008 we introduced the self-developed GreenBoiler in our IBH series. This burner boiler combines very low emissions with enormous efficiency. In 2016 the IBH-S was fitted with the pioneering Dual Power Heating System, a unique combination of the GreenBoiler and an electric pre-heating system.

A DiBO hot water high-pressure cleaner is the best buy for both industrial and professional use! You can have 100% confidence in our extremely strong and solid machines if a surface has to be cleaned with hot water and at high pressure.


For our high-pressure cleaners with high standards choose DiBO:

• Radial pump in each machine
• Environmentally friendly burner boilers with high performance
• Unprecedented power and performance in all working conditions
• Our experts guide you from A to Z
• Only durable materials (stainless steel, rotationally moulded polyethene, ...)
• Personalised products fully in line with your wishes
• Latest technology
• Simple operation
• From light to intensive use
• Electric motor or fuel motor
• Mobile or stationary

Comprehensive range

Your cleaning challenges are large and diverse, and that is why our standard product range is just as extensive. The Hot water high-pressure washer DiBO range consists of high-pressure cleaners that vary from 90 to 1,000 bar. You can choose an electric, petrol or diesel motor. Suitable for light or intensive use. Stationary, mobile or on a trailer, with varying flow rates and numerous accessories. With only one purpose: to fully meet your cleaning needs!

High-pressure cleaners to suit your particular needs

You are a business owner with a vision for your company. Growth, profit, quality. This goes hand in hand with partners who think just the same way. DiBO clearly puts the emphasis on quality, on all fronts. So quality for you. A high, distinctive level of service and innovation. Our own team of specialists constantly researches and develops. New machines, but also improvements to the existing equipment. Innovation with new technology; the GreenBoiler, the Dual Power Heating System, the track & trace system and digital operation with a joystick. Custom-made work is also our highest trump card. It is your story that we translate into a cleaning solution.


DiBO IBH-S – Hot water high pressure cleaners

All-round dual power hot water cleaning system

The DiBO IBH-S is a compact hot water high pressure cleaner


DiBO IBH-M – Hot water high pressure cleaners

Heavy cleaning hot water high pressure washer


DiBO IBH-L – Hot water high pressure cleaners

Heavy cleaning green boiler pressure washer


DiBO JMB-E Hot water high pressure washers

Stationary intensive use, pressure washer fuel motor


DiBO HOTBOX – Hot water high pressure washers

Stationary intensive use, fuel motor

DiBO GreenBoiler – Hot water high pressure washers

Burner available in 50/70/110 kW