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The JMB-S-WK+ Moss and Weed Killer Trailer

JMB-S-WK+ dibo weed control machines

The JMB-S-WK+ is a compact environmentally friendly moss and weed killer on a trailer equipped with the latest and
greenest technologies. The machine can also be used as a high pressure cleaner (2 in 1).
Also ideal for cleaning work outside the weed season.

You tackle the problem ‘thoroughly’ with a DiBO.
Using this hot water technology means killing weeds and
moss in an effective way without pesticides.
Thanks to our ingenious TC system (Temperature Control)
incorporated in the low pressure function (= WK function)
the machine supplies a constant water temperature of
99 ° C to the surface.

The protective guard must stay closed during the work.
This lengthens the working life of the machine and means
little noise is produced (less than 85 dB).

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