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Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washer Hire requirements.

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There has never been a more important time, to ensure outside surfaces are cleaned. Contact us for all your Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washer Hire requirements.
Available today units up to 250 bar pressure and up to 25 litre per minute, great performers for large area cleaning. Also surface cleaners available to us alongside.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, for further details on our machines.

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DiBO JMB-M New Panel

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As extra the new DiBO JMB-M can be extended to a + version: New panel DiBO JMB-M + with automatic throttle control Everything visible at a glance. Easy to adjust with a handy joystick and to operate with gloves. Electronic setting of the temperature and pressure, beacon/work light (optional extra). Electronic control with pressure gauge, hour counter, maintenance information, error messages and device functions that facilitate maintenance.

The digital display indicates continuously the status of the machine. With level indicator of the fuel and water tank on the display and alarm messages Features:

● Electronic pressure and flow regulation via electronic speed engine governor

● Automatic idling after 30s without activity

● Level indication of the water tank and diesel tank on the electronic display

● Track & Trace system, including information on Working hours burner & machine Errors visible from a distance Location of the machine and Location history

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Safe Contractor 2020

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JMB-S Infomation

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The JMB-S hot water high pressure cleaner is great.
Thanks to its own power source and autonomic working, also usable on places where there is no electricity. Because of the choice for cleaning with cold and hot water, it is very appropriate for a wide range of cleaning possibilities.

The GreenBoiler has:
-Effciency of minimum 92%.
-Fuel saving of minimum 18%.
-Low C02 and NOx emissions.
-Low chimney temperature.
-stainless steel burner housing.
-Flame protection.
-Low maintenance cost.
-And is more ecological.

The JMB-S is available for Purchase or Hire

Pressure Washer Hire 

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We have a range of quality commercial and Industrial hot water pressure washers available for purchase and hire. Short or long-term 240v and 415v models.